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As one of America's largest insurance products distributors, TruChoice Financial Group knows insurance. It also understands the challenges facing many advisors, particularly their need to deliver enhanced client experiences while maintaining long-term business success.

Working Together, TruChoice Outsourced Insurance Division (OID) can help you bring your clients' insurance assets under your fiduciary umbrella without the paperwork and logistics involved in writing insurance business, allowing you to expand the services you can offer your clients while providing the additional revenue your business needs to grow.

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Increase your overall AUM by bringing your clients' insurance under your fiduciary umbrella.


Multi-carrier, commission-free, low-cost solutions designed to deliver substantial value to your clients.


Prompt access to unbiased FINRA-registered and insurance-licensed professionals; no need to maintain your own securities/insurance licenses or additional overhead.


No upfront or ongoing subscription or platform fees involved when working with TruChoice OID.


In-depth insurance knowledge and solution recommendations, as well as paperwork completion, all handled by TruChoice OID.

Why TruChoice OID?...Because you want INSURANCE DONE RIGHT!



TruChoice built an Outsourced Insurance Division to fill a need in the advisory space.

As an advisor, you know insurance can provide meaningful benefits to your clients. Principal protection for one. Guaranteed income, legacy planning, wealth accumulation, and tax deferral, to name a few more.

But there's a catch: As an advisor, insurance's typically commission-based products don't align with your fiduciary approach.

The solution: TruChoice OID provides commission-free insurance solutions that can remain under your fiduciary purview.

Benefits of Outsourcing

TruChoice OID focuses on providing solutions to meet your client's financial objectives through a turnkey process that eliminates you having to dedicate resources to paperwork and logistics. Our FINRA-registered and insurance-licensed OID Specialists serve as your ongoing resource for all things insurance-related. You don't need to hold an insurance license and/or securities registration; we handle it all.


We do the heavy insurance lifting.


No Surprises.

No commissions. No conflicts of interest.  OID Specialists provide multi-carrier, low-cost, commission-free solutions aligned with your holistic planning approach.  Your clients will never be presented with a recommendation you haven't reviewed first.


Don't send business down the road.

Maintain and further grow your client relationships with insurance solutions that remain under your fiduciary umbrella.  Why have clients work with an outside commission-based sales professional when you can keep control over a meaningful portion of your client's portfolio?  Consider TruChoice OID an extension of your office, a partner providing independent, non-biased insurance support.

Why outsource insurance?... Why not?

Why TruChoice OID?...Because you want INSURANCE DONE RIGHT!

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Collaboration. Alignment. Intelligence.

TruChoice OID is a growth partner. We execute with purpose and focus on partners who desire to work together with one goal in mind: to help clients reach their financial goals.


We know that to do insurance right -- to provide better, more reliable client outcomes -- we must collaborate with advisors to deliver intelligent solutions that align with a client's comprehensive financial plan.

TruChoice OID Specialists provide advisors with financial intelligence -- strong insurance expertise and recommendations to solve insurance needs in a financial plan.  Whether it's principal protection, income planning solutions, wealth accumulation, or how to leave a meaningful legacy, our OID Specialists are focused on finding the right solution for your clients.

If you're an advisor looking to enhance your clients' experience while increasing AUM by fulfilling clients' insurance needs, the TruChoice OID team is ready to help!


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